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I’ve recently completed reading 2 States by Chetan Bhagat. And I can clearly see the difference between the writing of his first three books and 2 States: The Story of my Marriage. His first three books Five Point Someone, One night @the call centre and Three Mistakes of My Life were good no doubt but he was novice and his books lacks those crucial skills which makes the reader to enjoy the book thoroughly and remain close to heart long after.

With 2 States, I must say Chetan Bhagat has evolved as an author. The book has everything which will keep the reader hooked to the book till its last page. I’ve not skipped a single word of the book. It will make you laugh, cry, introspect, sad, ecstatic. There will be many emotions you will go through while reading the book.

Chetan Bhagat says that it is true story about his marriage that could be very true but then while reading you will find bollywood movie like twist and turn in the book. Anyways both the main characters Krish and Ananya are simply adorable and surely you will fell in love with them at once.

The book is very easy to read and humorous as well. There are no dull moments in the book even when the characters were depressed due to the separation.

But I have one grumble about the book is that Chetan fully concentrated on the bringing out the Krish emotions, his feeling for Ananya, his tension, when he was feeling dreadful due to his break-up. Everything came out very well. But in the midst, Ananya’s part of the story was left out. Her side of the story was so brief that I felt for more. Her anguish and state of mind after the break up was completely overlooked.

May be Chetan should write another 2 States from her wife’s point of you. But then this is entirely my personal view point. You might feel different. But his point of view on inter-caste and interstate marriage are very revolutionary and revolting as well.

Verdict: A complete paisa vasool. A must read. With the movie all set to release on 18th April, 2014, hurry to read the book. The one who have read the book can only say how well the novel has been adapted into the movie. What the movie omitted from the novel. Lastly, which one was better. Only one who has read the book could answer which is more better movie or novel.

Apart from English, 2 States: The Story of my Marriage is also available in Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati and Marathi. So read the book in which language you are comfortable with but do read it.

2 States in Hindi

2 States in Tamil

2 States in Gujarati

2 States in Marathi

2 States in Telugu


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