The title of the book Those 7 Days, written by budding author Anmol Rana, made me nostalgic about one of my favorite movie Woh Saat Din. It took seven days for the character Maya played by Padmini Kohlapuri to realize the importance of fulfilling relation in one’s life. It took seven days for the protagonist of the book to realize the importance of inner beauty over the outer appearance in relationships. 

The protagonist Vishwas shared a cat and dog kind of friendship with his childhood friend Shailja. Two infatuations which resulted in heartbreaks, two near seduction experiences and after becoming victim of a close friend’s selfish interest, makes the protagonist Vishwas realize the importance and value of his irritating and not so good looking childhood friend Shailja.

It is always said value of true friend and true love is only realized when a person meets fake and selfish people in his journey of life. We think they are our true friend or lover but they are only like butterfly who just takes from flower and flies away. The author has brought out this notion quite beautifully in the novel. 

The author, no doubt wrote a heartfelt story. In fact I was misty-eyed while reading the letter of Shailja to Vishwas pouring out her feelings in a piece of paper. That letter was the only window to know about the intensity of her feelings towards Vishwas. This letter really made the climax melancholy and it became difficult to read without shedding tears.

Though I have complain to the author. Like Vishwas, even we as readers were eager to see the union of the two but after waiting patiently for the seventh day to come we get so little to read about those two together. Nevertheless, whatever was written was emotionally profound and draining but less compared to full chapters were written about his by the way crush.

The narrative drags a little after Shailja’s letter was read as the roller coaster of Vishwas’s life started losing speed but it picks up again when, finally, both of them meets. The scenes in between were not so interesting to read. Instead of increasing the anxiety they bored a lot. Otherwise the story was well plotted and narrative was well paced throughout the book. 

The Verdict:

It is a good romantic novel with a strong message.


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