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I starting reading Abandon by Meg Cabot immediately after reading Inferno by  Dan Brown. So you see after decoding the Inferno painting of Dante, here I’m reading quotes of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy book Inferno. It is nothing that I mind reading those quotes written at the beginning at each chapter but it is like I needed someone like Robert Langdon  to explain them. Abandon is a modern take on Persephone and Hades.

Right from the beginning of the book I started sniffing an unusual love story just like Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. In Twilight there was an unusual love story between a human girl and vampire. Well in Abandon, seeds of love story was bore between John Hayden, a death deity and Pierce Oliviera, a human girl. The only regret that I and many other readers have that we didn’t get much to read about them together.

There are only a few encounters between the two in the whole book of 300 something pages. And believe me each of the scenes between the two were electrifying and piercing. The chemistry between them was magical but never reached a profound level as a consequence always leaves the desire to read more about the two. There encounters, fights, conversation, rescuing  were the most the interesting and best part of the book. Indeed the romance between the two was not the center of the story.

There is a lot said about the mysterious necklace which John gives to Pierce in order to save her from evil. The diamond stone in the necklace changes color according to the situation. The history behind the necklace was explained in detail but the color changes were not clearly explained. What does the different color signifies.

Now, something which also irritated me throughput the book. The author keep dropping the hints of a particular incident but doesn’t gives the whole picture at once. Keeps the incident hidden well under the carpet and keep sprinting the incident in order to arouse curiosity. Meg did that so many times in the book that it I started running out of patience.

The character of John Hayden was so intriguing but reader don’t get much to read about him. More about his role in Underworld, what happen to him after Pierce escaped from grips of death and back to life, a little more about afterlife, which I’m sure very person is fascinated to know about, how and why fury poses danger to life of Pierce. How Fury actually worked? Fury are trying to kill Pierce but they end up killing someone else. Can’t they distinguish Pierce from other girls. There are so many other things where a clear picture did not came out.

Verdict: In spite of all the loopholes in the story of Abandon, I’m still looking forward to reading the next book in the series Underworld. The love story between a death god and a girl seems to be different and intriguing just like Edward and Bella from Twilight series.

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