Welcome to the about us section of this website. For a long time this section contained few snippets of generic text but now I am looking to make it more personal. Btw I hate generic sections and used to wonder why the other sites don’t really tell about the persons behind the site and I can understand how much big pain it is really to put forth about yourself.

There are 2 persons currently running the website, myself (Alok) & my lovely wife Ritu. My job is mostly to make sure the site runs fine and it is Ritu who does the heavy lifting here ie. reading books and writing the reviews here. I run a web design company called Harmony Infotech and as a company we are managing around 500+ sites but this year I am taking a leap and have started towards my dream of having 10,000+ sites under my belt. As for Ritu, she is currently busy with our son but otherwise she likes to spend her time reading books and taking care of family stuff.

Will update this section more once I have some more time to put things about ourselves.