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I was really confused why I spend three days in reading Adultery by Paulo Coelho when I didn’t like the book at all from the very beginning. It could be because, it was written by the author of the world famous bestseller novel The Alchemist. I kept hoping against the hope that something substantial will turn up in the book Adultery, who has written such a wisdom filled book The Alchemist which has been translated in more than 100 languages, which will justify my reading the book. But alas I was disappointment.

Adultery is a very bold topic to choose for the plot but in the book things went haywire. The novel Adultery is about a woman Linda in her thirties who has a perfect personal and professional life and has absolutely no remorse, suddenly starts suffering from mid-life crisis. The author struggles throughout the novel to give one good solid reason for her mid-life crisis.

Linda finds some relief from her depression in wild sex outside her marriage with a politician who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend. How convenient. I was unable to understand how extra martial affair gave purpose to her life in spite of the fact that she was having a decent sex life with her husband. It was all very confusing and unconvincing.

The main character is is suffering from severe depression but she manages to carry herself very well. There is hardly any affect on her day to day life. Se is doing great at work. Churning out masterpiece articles for her newspaper. Also carrying out her duties as wife and mother. And also at the same time managing a difficult adulterous relationship without being exposed. Wow depression gave her super powers.

Paulo hardly gave any thought on characterization. Whatever characters were there, none were interesting.In fact the main character Linda was herself very boring and I was tired of her monologue and ranting. Even a romantic place like Geneva appeared to be boring in the novel.

Now about sex scenes. They might have added some steam to the novel. But in the entire book they were only two sex scenes and that were completely bland like tasteless food. The scenes lacks description and sensuality.

 The Verdict: The book is depressing to read. A disappointment. Highly unrecommended novel. Please don’t waste time and money on it.


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