Agniputr by Vadhan

I read the first chapter of the book Agniputr: When Agni First Spoke by Vadhan. It gave me goosebumps. I kept the book aside. Have I laid my hands on a paranormal genre novel? It is nothing that I don’t like this genre novels. It is just that I suffer from sleepless night and find it difficult to brush it aside and move on.

Anyways I again picked up the book next day. Thank god the book from paranormal, it took the route of mysterious fantasy thrill novel. And the book has enough thrill to keep you glued and turn page after page to know what will happen next and how everything will end.

The plot does not move at the super fast pace something which is so common in books of Ashwin Sanghi and likes. Authors deliberately adds unnecessary twist and turns to add extra pace to the novel.

But here the author Vadhan has done nothing as such he maintained a steady pace with the novel only loosing some steam while giving a brief description to the characters. He wittily added scenes and episodes in his plot just enough to keep the readers hooked and never went over the board.

The story is about how an ambitious tantrik gives birth to a malevolent who, when reach to its peak of development will have the power to destroy the whole world. Now it is upon a lawyer and a scientist to finish that weird dangerous creation.

Such story line must have a logical explanation to whatever happening otherwise the story will have many loose ends and it gives a bleak reading experience. Vadhan has given explanation through findings of physics and a reasonable tight storyline where it was difficult to find the loopholes. One will find the fusion of black magic and quantum physics in the story.

Something for which I was waiting desperately to make its entry was Agniputr. But it’s formation and entry into the book was lackluster. Agniputr doesn’t seems to have any features of Agni or fire which we know. Instead it was a white form something sort of. Much of the eye balls were garnered by P. Eshwar a mysterious character in the book. 

What really left me amazed was the climax. Of course we all know the hero will manage to save the world even if he have to sacrifice his own life. That was something obvious but the way the author end the novel was completely out of the box. Maybe a squeal is in the offing. And if it so I will be eagerly waiting for one to read.

The Verdict:

The title of the book indicates that it could be a mythological novel but there is nothing as such. It has nothing to do with mythology. In spite of it the book doesn’t disappoint. It is packed with action and thriller. 

One who like reading fantasy thriller genre will definitely enjoy reading Agniputr. 

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