An Unsuitable Boy by karan johar

The book An Unsuitable Boy autobiography of Karan Johar was delivered to my home. It was in my hand when the news of Karan Johar becoming father of twins flashed on the TV screen. I said, “WOW”. My interest in the book doubled. But what really struck my interest was its title. So I sat down  to read the book in order to find out how Karan Johar is an Unsuitable Boy.

Of course I was not unaware about the people around me whose interest in the autobiography was to find out Karan Johar’s sexual orientation. Whether he is gay or not it is his problem. How his disclosure will make any difference to others life?  Yes, his movies do makes an impact so viewers have the right to hold the opinion.

He starts the book by telling about his two unrequited love interest, both females, which left him devastated and depressed. What was really interesting to read about was his childhood days. He was ridiculed for his feminist mannerism which pushed him into shell and left him friendless. He found solace in eating food which made him fat. 

He had somewhat a reserved childhood. But talent and energy can’t remained hidden and suppressed for long. And once it get the outlet there was no stopping. It led to the formation of Karan Johar which we all know today.

But the book really held my attention where he wrote that he had a very lonely childhood and he missed a sibling in his life. He urges that a couple must have two children at least. It left me in the thinking mode.

The book was at  its best when he writes about his experience at the set and shooting of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. It was so refreshing and enthralling to read. The movie proved to be a threshold in his life and it led to the onset of his career in the film industry. Prior to it he never has any inkling that he will make a movie.

He shares some anecdotes related to the movieKabhi Alvida Na Kehna . Like how all the actors were so uncomfortable with their roles in the movie and unconvinced with the way the characters were reacting. It was interesting to read. I enjoyed reading the book till this point.

 After that the book was somewhat a drag. He kept repeating himself. The samething is being said again and again. Maybe Karan thinks that we as readers won’t believe him. So let the same thing appear again and again in the book. It was somewhat boring to read. I think he did it deliberately for those people who keep poking their nose in his life. 

He keep on ranting and rumbling about people who were once friend and later fallout. Com’on it is so common. It happens with everyone. We can’t keep in touch with everyone all the time. It just gave book a monotonous tone.

Shahrukh Khan was all over the book. Yet he writes one full chapter on Shahrukh Khan. His friendship with him, SRK being a fatherly figure for him, their fallout and again being in touch and doing movies together. There is always news that something was cooking between these two that could be the reason Karan must have written everything in such details.

The chapter on his sexual life and how he lost his virginity is already everywhere on net. He ends the book by expressing the desire to become a parent. I seriously would love to read his experience as a single parent bringing up twin kids. Lets hope he writes about it without which his autobiography is completely incomplete. And please don’t repeat yourself.

The Verdict:

The book is good in parts. Still one could give it a shot. After all he is one of the most multi-talented celebrity of bollywood and it will be inspiring to read how he overcome shortcomings in his life to become such an entertainer.

But be aware this guy whines a lot. The first half is better but it gets repetitive. 








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