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Deepak Kripal, Author of The Devil’s Gate

Deepak Kripal, a young budding and promising writer, marks his debut as the author with the book The Devil’s Gate.  Instead of choosing a regular romantic novel as the plot, Deepak has carved out a new genre of novel. He has personated animals as humans in his book. Yes, the lead characters Katy and Dug along with many other characters are animals. They together take us to a completely new world of adventure. I had a candid chat with Deepak. Here are the excerpts from interview with Deepak.


TheBookWorld: These days we are having IIMians, IITians, MBA turned author. Now we have a Doctor, what prompted you to become an author?

 Deepak: Anyone who has an inclination for writing, and has a way with words can become an author. I don’t think it has anything with your background. These days, of course, a lot of authors are coming from engineering and management background. Hopefully, we’ll see more and more doctors exploring their creative side in the times to come. Ever since I developed the passion for writing, which is about 10 years ago, I always had this dream of writing one book at least in my lifetime. Though, I didn’t think it would happen this soon!

TheBookWorld:  Have you taken up writing as a full time career or you are juggling it with your practice?

Deepak: I am juggling it with a lot of other things at the moment. I don’t think I will ever become a full time author. I love to write when I feel like. I would never want to make it a compulsion. That’s the way I love it, and I think that’s the way it will stay.

TheBookWorld: How was your journey so far as a writer? Did you struggle getting your novel published?

Deepak: I did struggle a bit, which was only expected. Six publishers rejected my manuscript stating that my story didn’t fit into their publishing programme. But thankfully, for my good fortune, Leadstart Publishing saw some merit in the story and took it for publishing. I cannot thank them enough for showing faith in my ability, as well in the story.

TheBookWorld: Any suggestions for the novice author who are struggling to get their book published?

Deepak: Only one, just be patient. Patience is the key for everything to break the publishing barrier. Take your time while writing and editing the story. Refine it again and again before submitting the manuscript to publishers. And even afterwards, you have to show patience. Rejections are bound to happen, no matter how good you think your script is. So just wait for one publisher to accept your story, and don’t get disheartened by the rejections.

TheBookWorld: Those were very encouraging words from you. Okay tell us something more about yourself?

Deepak: I am a doctor who realized that writing goes much beyond prescriptions. I love stories, ever since my childhood. I live them rather than reading or watching them. I think there is nothing better than a good story, and I hope to create some of them for people like me.

the devils gate by deepak kripal

TheBookWorld: Your book The Devil’s Gate is full of mystery and at the end, you left yet another mystery unsolved. Was that a hint, there will be a series and we will get to read more adventures of Katy and Dug.

Deepak: Yes, I did leave a trail at the end of the story. But I haven’t yet decided anything about the sequel or a series. I have just left that option open. If enough readers vie for the sequel, you never know!

TheBookWorld: Well you can count me as one of the readers who want to read the sequel. This is so because the plot of your debut book is very novel and out of the box. How did you get the idea?

Deeapk: I don’t know. It happened just like that. One fine day, this idea of animals looking to negotiate a deal with the demons for habitat happened to me, and I found the idea incredibly exciting and unique. I didn’t immediately sit down to write the book on it. Writing a novel was not even on my mind at that time. But when the idea continued to thrill me for a long time, I was forced to pen it down. And then, I developed the story layer by layer over a period of four months. So, in a way, you can say that this idea happened to me earlier than the idea of writing my debut novel!

TheBookWorld:  The Devil’s Gate is full of Wisdom. Are you inspired by Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist? How much it is close to your thoughts?

Deepak: I am a big fan of Paulo Coelho, and I simply loved the ‘The Alchemist’. But I wouldn’t say that my writing or this story was inspired by it. It’s just that I like the stories that way, where some wisdom and intellect is sandwiched between exciting and entertaining stories. I think that the stories should satisfy you not only emotionally, but intellectually as well.

TheBookWorld: That was so well said. So who is your favourite author whose books inspired you a lot?

Deepak: I like a lot of authors. Vikram Seth, Oscar Wilde, Amitav Ghosh, Dan Brown, Ruskin Bond, Eric Segal, the list is very long. It’s hard to make a pick, when the list is as classy as this. But if you still insist, I think I loved the writings of Oscar Wilde .

TheBookWorld:  What’s Next?

Deepak: I am playing with three four ideas at the moment. But nothing is concrete at the moment. I may write a drama next, but as I told you, nothing is sure as of now. Let an idea excite me out of my mind, and then, I’ll able to tell you more.

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