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The author Maheshwar Narayan Sinha is a man of multiple talent. When he is not writing or reading something, then he is busy giving colors to his thoughts on the canvas. Here brush becomes his mode of expressing his story. BookWorld got a chance to chat with him about his newly released short story collection The Untold Stories and many other things. Read on to know more but before that a short introduction about the author.

Maheshwar Narayan Sinha

A graduate (Arts) from St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India- writes both in Hindi and English. His works have been widely published in journals and anthologies including Lalitamba, Hitavada, CLRI (print and online).

Also a Self taught Artist, participated in solo and joint art exhibition in country and across like, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Ranchi, Dubai, South Korea, Austria, (London, Venice- June, July/2019). His artworks have been published in national and international journals like Palooka, Cezanne’s Carrot (cover art), DVQ, DeJonDe Magazine and Folio, GFT press to name a few. 

Recently awarded for his efforts to spread art and literature by Nisha Foundation, New Delhi in Parliament of India and approved by Government of India. 

Author Interview

Q. What was the most challenging aspect of writing The Untold Stories?
A. Technically, nothing. 

Q. Which of the story is very close to your heart?
A. Almost all, but I enjoy The Genius.

Q. Which of the short story in the book The Untold Stories drain you completely?
A. The Deal

Q. How long did the process of writing this short story collection take?
A. I can’t tell exactly now, stories were written from time to time, laid aside…, only the idea to it into. 

Q. Every story has been told by someone or other. Why do you think the stories in the book are untold?
A. The title seems a bit symbolic- here it means one has not listened the kind of story, so..untold!

Q. How writing this book has changed you as a person? What advice would you give to your younger self? 
A. Our mirror doesn’t tell of our changes…, although certainly I would have realized of poverty, hunger and value system …
For younger one – Unless the new generation understands their root, their progress will be questionable. Where we exist now, how we have reached there- we all should know! Next, try to be original, not a photo copy! You are a living being, not a machine!

Q. What is the importance of finding one’s voice?
A. Great importance! You’ve your root, your own soil, own culture, how you can write for a New Yorker? Art and creation let you learn- be yourself!

Q. Why do you think Short Stories are becoming so popular especially among the budding authors?
A. Short stories are always popular…since unknown times! To all ages.., kids to elderly…! Budding authors try their hands on papers through a short story- it’s a good idea to write a short story rather trying for big ones! Writing a short story may be easy, but writing an outstanding short story is never an easy job! Even authentic writers too have selected list of great short stories, this message let budding writers think to try and try again…!

Q. What books are on your nightstand? What are you currently reading?
A. I’ve little time now, currently not reading any book…just some articles coming my way.. 

Q. What are you working on at the moment?
A. In a month or two, my paintings have to be shown in London, Venice (Italy), and New Delhi, Pragati maidan.., so working on it!

It will be great if you can check out book and see if it could catch your fancy. Here’s the link

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