books on babySix month marks the beginning of a very important step in the life of a baby. Its the beginning of weaning where baby start eating the first real food apart from milk. Mothers also heaves a sign of relief as baby’s dependency on her for food start decreasing gradually. Along with this baby begins to achieve many other crucial milestone such as sitting, crawling, standing, talking etc. Coming months are full of happening with baby getting mobile, responsibility of baby’s safety also comes in the top priority. In such a scenario Month by Month book by Simone Cave and Dr. Caroline Fertleman could be useful guide for mums especially first time.

The information given in the book is nothing new. Everything is available on internet or heard from experienced people around. But information on internet is clattered everywhere and difficult to filter out the correct information. Also advises from near and dear one may be well intended but half of them are them unsolicited. It is here that these kind of books plays a filtering role sieving the facts from the heaps of myth.

I picked up this book thinking that it is about the weaning solely. After I started reading it I discover that weaning is just one of the many topics which this book covers. The book covers from 6 months till 23 months that is up to 2 years. It is divided into many useful section trying to cover all the concerns and questions which one might have while reading the book that includes sleep, feeding, development, milestones, safety tips and when to worry etc. There is also question and answer format but brief one. I think that could have been expanded a little more covering some more queries of anxious parents.

The book is easy to read but is written in a fix format which makes the book a tad boring after a while and also it is without any pictures. Now a child book or a book on babies without pictures are like action movies without any action. Anyways the book is good one time read giving some good solid tips on weaning, feeding, sleep, taking care of your baby’s body till they are good enough to look after themselves.

The Verdict: Nothing extraordinary about the book but still the book has many practical tips to follow. It is handy especially for new parents who are clueless about many things.

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