The BNO by Manoj Jain

The BNO by Manoj Jain is an adultery novel, a genre which I mostly avoid reading along with the erotic novels. A good friend of mine suggested it to be a mindblowing novel so I sat down with this thin book to find out what is so mindblowing in this adultery novel.

It takes one whole book for authors to jot down the sexual fantasies of one person and its aftereffect but here in THE BNO, Manoj Jain has incorporated the stories of eight sexual stray people. Eight people, eight different reasons for infidelity, eight plots that it quite handful for the author to pen and readers to digest.

There is no real plot in the story actually. Eight men, well into their mid-age meets once in while for drinking and having fun. Their wives are suspicious about them so always keeps a tap. Yet one night these grown up boys crosses the line and invites two call girls in their night  out.

Now it seems something has happened in the particular night out which will bring storm in everyone’s life. Something like the Hollywood movie Hangout. Well this was the impression given in the first chapter. But reading chapter after chapter my curiosity started fading out as nothing has happened. No storm was about to come.

The book starts with a promise of a story. But in the first chapter itself things were bizarre. Each alternate paragraph in the chapter was a flashback. Then it comes back to the present. It felt like a maze not sure which one is a flashback and which one is present. In few of the chapters no such sequence was maintained, no legitimate timeline and author wrote as he wished.

There was no co-relation in the chapters. Just like the adulterer or adulteress has no purpose in life other than sex this book also seems to have no purpose. The book has been written with the sole purpose to look into the psychic of the person who betrays their spouses and partners. In some of the chapters even that was not clear.

Manoj writes very well. There is no doubt about that. Otherwise it would have been too difficult to even skim through the book. But binding all the stories with a tight and well crafted plot was very essential which author failed to do.

The Verdict:

After reading The BNO I have no interest left for this genre. 



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