the immortals of meluha

Finally after a long wait, I manage to read all the three books of the Shiva series : The immortals of Meluha, The secrets of Naga and The Oath of Vayuputras.

I have bought the books long ago but refrained myself from reading it because it might just like all those TV serials story on Shiv and Parvati which we see on TV. But after reading the book I can safely say that it is a big relief from those monotonous serials on Shiv.

Amish has done a lot of research for all his three books. He has taken the characters, facts, myths, folklore, legends twisted and turned them at his own will to come up with a very interesting and fresh story line.

Like why Nandi is the favorite of Lord Shiva, about Saraswati river, why Ganga is a sacred river and many such things which we keep hearing but don’t know the reason behind it. Amish has tried to give a logic for everything connected to Shiva like his third eye, snakes, crescent moon, trishul, the chant Har Har Mahadev, Om Namah Shivaye etc and many more.

It is these logics keeps you interested in reading all the three books.

In Television shows, Shiva is worshiped as God and has been taken for a granted as one. But Amish through his books depicts Shiva just like any ordinary human being who through its sheer talent and intellect and of course humanely values takes him to the level that he is worshiped as a GOD.

Amish writing is more descriptive one. It was good in patches. Like in the first book, The immortals of Meluha description were very well written. They were average in The secrets of Naga but very boring and unnecessary in The Oaths of Vayuputras. In fact, I have skipped all the place and war description.

What Amish manage to do well is with emotion. All his characters emoted well and I laughed and cried with the characters. Felt my heart bleeding at Sati’s assignation, felt deeply Shiva’s love for Sati, fun conversation between Bhadra and Shiva, Shiva’s dance, encounter between Sati and liger, Ganesh and Linger encounter and many more all were written very well as though they are happening in front of your eyes.

The downside of the book was its suspense. Accept of the naga’s secret no other revelation surprised. All the three books were fairly predictable what will be coming next. In fact Sati was about to die became very apparent much before.

But what I liked most about the book is that through all its three books Amish has explained his message that excess of everything is evil quite well. Something if we all ponder over life will become a tad easy.

Verdict: All the three books are worth a read but don’t expect too much.

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Immortals of Meluha Also in Hindi as Meluha Ke Mritunjay

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