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Our new elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most searched person on net not only in India but outside India as well. Every news channel is making documentary on his life till date and every week a new book on Narendra Modi is releasing. From teenagers to senior citizen, everyone are interested to know more and more about Narendra Modi’s personal life and political life and about his Gujarat Model.

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There are two very good and informational books has been released helping to develop better understanding about the  Gujarat model and role of good governance behind the impressive growth of Gujarat. One is Centrestage : Inside the Narendra Modi Model of Governance by Uday Mahurkar and another is Modi : Leadership, Governance and Performance by Vivian FernandesBoth the books gives their analysis about Gujarat Model and Modi’s leadership. If these books are full of praise for governance skills of Modi, they also doesn’t hesitate to dig him as well.

the namo story in hindiAmong his political biography, the most popular is The NaMo Story: A Political Life by Kingshuk Nag. The authors of Political biography are often accused of partialism and highlight only the bright side of the concern person. But Kingshuk has tried to cover Modi as coherently as possible which also included the issues about his marriage and Godhra Riots 2002. The NaMo Story was also one of the source of information for the TV show 7 RCR…Projecting India’s Future  hosted by Chetan Bhagat. Originally written in English, The NaMo Story has now been translated in Hindi and Marathi languages.

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Another biography on Narendra Modi which also became very popular is Narendra Modi – The Man, The Times by Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay. The author is an eminent journalist and has meticulously tracked the life of Modi right from his humble childhood to the rise as a charismatic persona who today is looked as synonymous  developement. The author was neutral on the Godhra Riots and covered it as told by media and Court. What extra the book offers is how Godhra Riots has tarnish his image and from their the way Modi again lifted his image as a scintillating figure of development.





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