Can Love Happen Twice? by Ravinder Singh


While Ravinder Singh is penning his next book I thought of reading Can Love Happen Twice? to know what happen to Ravin after her lady love passed away.

Can Love Happen Twice? is the sequel of national bestseller I Too Had A Love Story through which Ravinder Singh took the readers by rage from his tragic love story.

So in the next book love again visits Ravin’s life only to be left heartbroken again. It seems that Cupid God is just not happy with Ravin.

It is a very thin book with only 244 pages. There is not much interesting to read in the book except the conversation between Ravin and her new love Simar. They happen to be written very well and for sometime I felt like engaged in the book. Otherwise there is no freshness in the book.

The book could have come out great if handle by a more experienced writer. Ravinder Singh writing style is very casual and corny. There is too much description about surrounding, nature, weather, Belgium which started giving me feeling that Ravinder has nothing else to write without which the book could have been more thinner.

The melancholy which was present in the few last pages of ITHALS were missing in Can Love Happen Twice? Khushi visit just once in book. Her few more appearance into the book could have struck the emotional cord with the readers which was otherwise missing.

But Simar and Ravin love story doesn’t ends. The book ends with Simar leaving to visit Ravin in Shimla staying in rehabilitation center trying to cope up after break up with Simar.

Verdict: Read it if you are a die hard fan of ITHALS otherwise don’t care.

Can Love Happen Twice English

Kya Dobara Ho Sakta Hai Pyaar Hindi

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