When it comes to translation of popular English books, after Hindi; Telugu is the most popular language in which the books are translated. In fact, I lived in Hyderabad for a short span of one and a half year but made many Telugu speaking friends due to the common interest in reading. They are avid readers. Chetan Bhagat books in Telugu are very popular.

Following books of Chetan Bhagat are available in Telugu

one night @ call center buy

  1.  Buy Five Point Someone in Telugu
  2. Buy One Night @ the Call Center in Telugu
  3. Buy 2 States in Telugu
  4. Buy The Three Mistakes of My Life in Telugu
  5. Buy Revolution 2020 in Telugu



Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

half girlfriend by chetan bhagat

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Ritu Mantri

Ritu is an avid book reader. She also reviews books and have reviewed around 200+ books till date. Her target is to finish 1000 books.