chetan bhagatChetan Bhagat has been credited to start a new era in the Indian Fiction history. He left his full time lucrative Industrial bank job to became a full time writer. He was destined to became a writer but some how got into engineering and then MBA. But he set the example and many followed his path.

Today, Chetan Bhagat has established himself as a author, columnist, and speaker. He writes columns for leading English and Hindi newspapers, focusing on youth and national development issues. He is also a motivational speaker.

Quick Stats

Date of Birth: 22 April 1974
Education: The Army Public School, Delhi (1978-1991)
IIT Delhi, Mechanical Engineering (1991-1995)
IIM Ahmedabad, MBA (1995-1997)
Occupation: He worked as an investment banker in Hong Kong for 11 years
before switching to full time writing.
Spouse: Anusha Bhagat
Children: Twins(Ishaan and Shyam)

Chetan has written fiction books inspired by the real life. His first book Five Point Someone is about his days at IIT Delhi. This book took the indian fiction world by storm. He gave detail insights about the real world of IITs and also his view point on educational system of IITs.

Chetan Bhagat also wrote book on Call Centers and BPOs which was then the booming industry of India. It is called One Night @ the Call Center. He talks about the various problems and insight of this industry.

His next book The Three Mistakes of My Life is also inspired by Gujarat riots. But the story was told to him by one of the victim which he gave the life in the form of the Book.

2 statesChetan also wrote a book 2 States: True Story of My Marriage. This is by far the best fiction written by Chetan and was the mostly critically acclaim book. It establish him as a writer. The book deals with how he met his wife and troubles which came in their union.

The authors love for numbers continues in his next book as well which is Revolution 2020. Chetan had this obsession that there should be atleast one number in the title of his book. This book is about love and corruption and a journey of self-discovery. It has a love triangle.

After five fiction, comes one non-fiction book by Chetan Bhagat without any numbers in the title. The name of the book is What Young India Wants. The book is the collection of his speeches and essays on various burning topics of India like outdated educational system and growing pressure on students leading to suicides, corruption in Indian politics and citizens role in forming the government. There are many such complex issues right now in front of India on which Chetan gives a deep insight through his book What Young India Wants.

His first three books are already adapted into movies. “3 Idiots” adapted from the novel Five Point Someone. But it has his shares of controversy. As Chetan Bhagat was not given the credit of the movie for the plot. The director Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan claims that the entire script of the movie has been rewritten and his due credit was given to him at the end of the movie. Anyways a peace of made between the two parties. 3 Idiots went on to become one of the most successful movie of Bollywood.

Hello” based on the book One night @ The Call Center did not do very well on box office. Despite the guest appearance of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. The film failed to leave a mark.

Next is “Kai Po Che” based on the book The 3 Mistakes of My Life. His movie tasted commercial success as well as critically acclaimed as among best movie of 2013.

Another film on his book 2 States is also under making right now. It is expected to hit the silver screen very soon in 2014.

Chetan vents out his personal views on various burning issues through writing columns in newspapers like Hindustan Times and The Times of India. In fact he is a regular columnist writer of TOI. You will find his articles once in fortnight.

He has also earned fame as a motivational speaker. He love to share his thoughts and experiences on topics such as leadership, passion, values, team building, motivation, achieving goals etc.

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