Country Roads, Take Me Home To The Place I Belong by Rashmi Bansal

Country Roads, Take Me Home To The Place I Belong by Rashmi Bansal is due to release on 29 January 2014. It is the latest book by Rashmi and this time she concentrates on entrepreneurs who were well settled in big cities but choose to move back to their homelands and to start fresh business ventures.

Take Me Home is the story of 20 entrepreneurs who have built remarkable enterprises, while remaining true to their roots. From small towns across India, they run giant global companies with locally trained talent. The ability to run a professional business is no longer limited by location. What you need is a vision and a mission and a burning desire. To ‘make it happen’, wherever you are.

The book is indeed will be thought provoking for all the small town businessmen who are thinking to shift their business to already over crowed big cities. My husband’s brother manages a flour mill from a small town Vijaynagaram and supplies to all over AP. According to him luxurious life in real terms is in country side and not in the rat race of big cities.

The book Take Me Home is available on sites like and Amazon India¬†for Rs 140 only.¬†People are already tweeting about the business man’s story they find most inspiring.

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Ritu Mantri

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