Crime Beyond 22 Yards by Sourabh Mukherjee

book on match fixing scandal

After exploring various love stories between cricketers and Bollywood actresses in the book Love Beyond 22 Yards, the author Sourabh Mukherjee, now, is unraveling the most shocking crime which shook the very foundation of cricket and fans all over the world felt cheated and enraged.

In his latest book Crime Beyond 22 Yards, the author Sourabh Mukherjee writes about the match fixing scandal of the year 2000 which embroiled many South African and Indian cricketers. Suddenly cricketers who were revered as Gods appeared to be flawed and their integrity towards the sport, the nation and the fans was questioned openly.

My Thoughts

Such a massive crime, the author tried to cover in a few pages. He didn’t do justice to the crime itself. The book reads more like a collection of newspaper articles and less like a well researched book.

Crime Beyond 22 Yards is written in a dispassionate and unconcerned manner. It doesn’t add any value neither in terms of reading experience nor in terms of enhancing your knowledge regarding the match fixing.

The Verdict

Any book on Cricket in India should be thoroughly researched and well presented because cricket is a religion and cricketers are god in India and people know most of the happening around it. Crime Beyond 22 Yards lacks both the factor.

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