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I felt thoroughly disgusted when I came to know about the book In My Defence by Former Telecom Minster A. Raja. The former minister claims that it is the honest side of his story. Well, I’m not here to judge him as our supreme court is there for it. But many a times a think that when a person is really a culprit from where he or she gets the guts to defend oneself. Strange but I fail to understand.

In My Defense is the most awaited book of the year 2015 but the release date is yet to be confirmed by the publisher Pengouin. But the counter attack on the book is also ready to release. India’s Biggest Fraud: How the 2G Scam Unravelled, an account of the 2G spectrum scam and its aftermath by J Gopikrishnan, the journalist who is credited with exposing the scam in 2008.

I think both the books will be very interesting to read one after another. Will get a complete picture of 2G scam. But all of us has to agree that without fire there cannot be smoke. Till today’s date 2G scam is the biggest reality of  Indian politics and many people are involved in it and such a big scam happening without the notice of Telecom Minister is something not easily digestible.

Anyways will soon update the release date and jackets of both the books In My Defence and India’s Biggest Fraud: How the 2G Scam Unravelled.

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Ritu Mantri

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  1. mg

    Ritu – there are two books ready to be released, you appear to have taken sides already but claiming that you are not judging. Clearly you have taken sides, I recommend stepping out from preconceived notion and give the man a fair chance. He is writing the book to share his perspective – I say that the man should be given a chance in people’s court.

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