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We all know that The Long Haul one of the book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series has been adapted into movie. In fact the movie has hit the silver screen by the time I am writing this post. 

But fans of Wimpy Kid series has something more to cherish. Jeff Kinney will be soon coming up with the behind the scenes of the movie which has already taken the shape of the book.

Find out what it takes to film a flock of seagulls invading a mini-van. Learn about a robot pig and an animatronic three-year-old. And discover everything that goes into making a feature film.

Complete with exclusive set photos, storyboards and original cartoons by Jeff Kinney. The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: The Next Chapter is the perfect book for anyone who’s ever wondered how a movie gets made and an ideal companion to the bestselling series. But buckle up: You’re in for a wild ride. 

All these fun in the typical Geoffrey style. Check out the book The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: The Next Chapter

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