Double Down

Double Down

Oh, no! It’s finished. This was my reaction and feeling when I reached the last page of Double Down : 11th book in Wimpy Diary’s series by Jeff Kinney. May be I am grown up adult now, a mother, but I yearn for my childhood days and Wimpy’s diary helps me feel like a child again.

Regret of my Life

I really regrets for not maintaining a diary in my childhood days but I am sure even my day dreaming and imaginations could not be different from that of Greg Heffley. Pre-school and teenage stage is such to let loose your imagination and this is what Double Down and all other book of Wimpy diary’s series is all about. It is a reason why kids connects with the book instantly and wait every year for the release of a new book.

Imaginations Running Wild

So this time Greg is imagining that some people are secretly recording his life, daily routine and showing on the TV. Now this thought arrived in his mind after watching a movie based on a similar concept. We all have been similar at this age. In fact my mother has to remind me all the time that it is just a movie or just a serial nothing real. Do not take it seriously.

A Hidden Lesson

Wimpy Diary Book 11
White lies are such an integral part of adult’s lives. We adult speaks so many white lies throughout the day. Something I realized after reading Double Down. Greg in his diary pin point out all the white lies  which has been told t him by the elders. It was funny to read but at the same time an eye opener. Kids are taught the lesson of honesty which adults themselves doesn’t follow.

Double down by Jeff Kinney

 The timeline in the book is just before Halloween and its preparation. Of course Greg is waiting for Halloween for two purpose. One is Mariana’s party and second is candy. And both the episodes in the book were laughing riots.

Most Hilarious Scene

But the highlight scene of the book comes at the end when Greg with his friend Rowley writes and shoots a spooky horror movie. It couldn’t be more hilarious. 

No Plot In The Book

There is no such plot in the book this time like it was in The Long Haul. The book is written as the thoughts flow in the mind of Greg which doesn’t follow any fix pattern. It might appear that Double Down is the collection of many hilarious thoughts and events of Greg’s life in and around Halloween this year.

Greg’s handwriting is maturing every year with each book and illustrations were superb just like in all the previous books adding to your imagination of the situation.

The Verdict

It is a must read like all the books in the Wimpy Diary series. Some may find it hilarious while some might not like it that much. It is all on the personal choice.


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