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There are many points written by Tom Rath in his book Eat Move Sleep which I particularly found inspiring and heart searching. I have shared them here along with other readers favorite quotes in the book.

“A hundred years ago, many people died from infectious diseases because they had no cure. But today, a majority of people die from preventable conditions.”

“For your overall approach to eating, find foods with less fat, fewer carbohydrates, and as little added sugar as possible.”

“put your laptop or monitor on a shelf where you can stand and work occasionally.”

“Exercise alone is not enough. Working out three times a week is not enough. Being active throughout the day is what keeps you healthy.”

“Set a goal of eating foods that have a ratio of one gram of carbs for every one gram of protein”

“You are simply a different person when you operate on insufficient sleep.”

Do share your favorite quotes from Eat Move Sleep by Tom Rath

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