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We all know that Emraaan Hashmi four year old son was diagnosed with cancer in his kidney which is a very rare form of tumor. It was a first stage of cancer. But from there begins a fight. A fight of a family to deny what fate has stored for them. A fight against cancer. Since it was a first stage of cancer and curable Emraan and his wife has turned no stone unturned to make their child Ayan cancer free.

Early diagnosis of the disease is the key when it comes to cancer. Emraan Hashmi is penning down his struggle with his son against this life threatening disease. The book is ready and is in editing process. It is expected to release next year.

Will update the title, jacket and the release date of the book soon.

A few years ago, famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh was also diagnosed with lung cancer. He successfully fought the disease to return to the Indian team. He has also penned his experience in The Test of My Life.

These books are of real help. As they create awareness among the people.

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