Everyone has a story

Everyone Has A Story by Savi Sharma is a simple romantic fairy tale love story written in the backdrop of a coffee cafe. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee and a love story can certainly brew up. 

The story is about an aspiring and wannabe author Meera who is in search of a story to write her first novel. She finds that story in Vivaan whom she happens to meet in the Coffee Cafe.

Meera tries to know more about Vivaan who wants to give up his job in order to travel. In process to know more about Vivaan both meets many times and end up falling for each other. But the day Meera decides to reciprocate her feelings, Vivaan disappears.

The book is written in the first person from perspective of both Meera and Vivaan. So we get to know about the feelings of both the characters first hand and doesn’t have to wait for the main character to discover. Both their stories runs in parallel. 

With all the action in a Coffee Cafe, I don’t know why but I kept recalling the movie Baghban in which Amitabh Bachchan’s character finds some solace in a Coffee shop. Hemant Patel the owner of the shop is a very jovial and easy to mingle kind of person. Kabir’s character is also similar to Hemant Patel.

Kabir, a side character in the story becomes a good friend of both Meera and Vivaan. His love story with Nisha is the sub plot in the main story. With two love stories, even then the book was very small and a breeze to read. One could finish it in one sitting.

The first part of the book was beautifully written. There is love in the air coupled with cappuccino aroma creates a mesmerizing ambiance one couldn’t escape from it.

But when it comes to add a dramatic twist and melancholy in both the love stories the author fails miserably. The second half of the book was a complete drag, drab and predictable. The book didn’t appear to be realistic at all and the author seems to be running out of idea in order to keep the grip over the story line. 

May be the author was novice to handle the complexity of the love story, inner turmoil of the characters, tragedies and separation. 

Vivaan vanishes from the life of Meera only to found that he is on the Europe tour describing the places he visited during this time. Please note there was no such vivid description of the places just the mere mention. Nothing interesting to read there. I mostly skipped that part. 

During his touring he meet a person who makes him realize his love for Meera. Now that conversation was very necessary for the plot. The person says exactly what we as readers want to say to Vivaan in order to infuse some sense into him. But the entire conversation seems to be forcibly fitted into the plot. The author didn’t manage to gel it well. 

There are also some loose build ups in the story. Like Vivaan seems to be a multi-millionaire though it is not mention in the book. He left his job, touring the world, funding Kabir’s business venture and after reuniting with Meera again plans to go for world tour. How much money does he have? Also Kabir has manage to start his cafe in the matter of two months makes the story unconvincing.

The Verdict:

There is no doubt that everyone has a story but it is not necessary that all the stories had to be interesting. Some stories has to be presented in the interesting and intriguing manner. I think it is there the author faulted. 

She gave the story an interesting start but couldn’t sustain the momentum and gave away the potential love story just like a batsman throws away his wicket after getting a good start.

It might be a good read for the one who are not regular readers but for an avid reader like me this book is a disappointment.




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