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Julian, The Monk from the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma is back. This time his gems of wisdom is for family. So after showing the right way of living in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, making great leaders in Leadership Wisdom, Robin Sharma’s latest offering is a parental book “Family Wisdom”.

What I hate most about self-help and developmental and similar kinds of book is their excessive build-up. The authors takes so much time to come to the main point that the inner desire to continue falls into deep sleep. Honestly. Same thing is true for Family Wisdom.

The first 60 pages are build-up. It’s like a recap of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It is after that the book is unputdownable. Of course I have to put the book down each time to think and to introspect. The points which the author mentioned were nothing new but they are sadly forgotten and parents tend to take easy way out.

There are five mastery principles carved out by the author in five chapters helping your child to become a great personality and above all a good human being. But it means a lot of work for parents themselves. It is not an easy book to imbibe in real life but if done will yield results as predicted. But then life is itself so unpredictable. The main funda of parenting is to become what you want your child to become. That it simple principle but very difficult to follow in real life. That is why parenting is such a big challenge. 

If you don’t want your kids to be addicted to mobile, TV and similar other stuff then you have to minimize its use as well. Difficult but then parenting is all about sacrifices.

Robin Sharma’s idea to give the book like his other books a fictional story to give some real life message is commendable. It makes reading the book so easy. Otherwise most of the self-help books appears to be so preachy above all unnecessary build-ups just to increase the pages of the book are perfect sleeping pills. In fact I always advice people to read self-help books if sleep is evading them. Jokes apart. Robin Sharma’s this strategy makes book reading bearable till readers reach at the core of the book.

While reading I recalled my college days where while answering we used to quote many historians writing just to give the extra weight to our own thoughts. Robin Sharma has done exactly that. Along with his own thoughts he has also quoted the thoughts of many philosophers, thinker and personalities and also giving them due credit. It made the book one stop collection of so many powerful thoughts and positive energy.

After the birth of my son I was completely clueless how to bring him up, how to make him aware of our tradition and culture, how to develop in him moral norms and values. It is then I started reading a lot of parenting books and among a few I think Family Wisdom is one of the best. There is another one named The Modern Gurukul by Sonali Bendre which I find very intriguing.

So what are the words of wisdom about the family. Robin Sharma clearly points out that work is important to run the family as you need to earn money but then you should not ignore those for whom you are working so hard. Family has to be your priority above anything else.

Parents are the first teachers of children. So it is the high time to leave the high roads and adapt the right road and become more responsible as adults. Set good examples in front of your children and they will follow the suit.

What Robin Sharma has done is to discuss the principles and then showed a way through which it could be achieved. 

For my personal future reference and also for other parents what I have done is to jot down all the main points of the book and has made a short summary. Do read it if you find reading the entire book a task which will never complete.

The Verdict: It is a book to own and keep reading it from time to time as you mature as a parent one will need the book for references and answers to the problems one might face while bringing up the child.


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