Fantastic Beast and Where to find them

I have read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay by JK Rowling after watching the movie. I was little apprehensive when I started reading the screenplay as the plot and suspense were already revealed so will it be worth reading something which has been filmed word to word.

Well the answer to it is a big YES. It is totally worth reading Fantastic Beasts screenplay whether watched the movie or not. Yes, it is true that suspense is now given away yet it is JK Rowling’s impeccable writing which gives a completely different experience and perspective to the plot. No doubt she has been rightly called a born writer with fantasy as her forte.

Unlike in the novel, the words are limited in the screenplay. But in the limited words itself JK Rowling has  described emotions in details so it helps to understand the film and characters even better. This is the true magic of JK’s writing. The ability to say more even in few words and that to the utmost clarity.

There is no doubt the scenes has been filmed word to word from the screenplay. Yet there are scenes where actors failed to bring out the right emotions or sometimes I have failed to notice some descriptions which I realized and understood after reading the screenplay.

Just to give an example. During the climax when Madam Picquery and others were pondering over the impending problem to obliviate the entire city, Newt notices a black particle flying away. Now in the movie it was just a passing observation of Newt but in the book a proper explanation was given. 

Watching the movie prior to reading the screenplay took away my chance to create the images of various fantastic beasts in my mind. Among the various beasts I really loved Frank, Erumpent and the most adorable Pickett. I would definitely love to read more about these beasts in the coming books of the series.

The plot is set in the wizarding world similar to Harry Potter’s world. The only difference is that this time the city is New York. Few words are different. Like we are used to muggles for non magical people. But in New York the term is No-Majs. From where JK Rowling gets her ideas for terms and naming the various beasts really amazes me.  There is no brooms. Characters Apparate and Disapparate in order to travel.

Fantastic Beast and Where to find them

The book has a very beautiful and eye catchy jacket with black background and golden illustrations. At a glance the illustration might just appear to be leaves and similar patterns but when one looks at it intently then there are images of beasts throughout the jacket. Also there are pictures of  beasts and other illustrations which were very close to the one shown in the movie are also included in the book. The book is presented in the most attractive style. 

The Verdict: Reading the Fantastic Beasts Screenplay even after watching the book was a fantastic experience. A must Read for all the Harry Potter fans. Time to begin a new wizarding journey. This time with Newt and his Fantastic Beasts.  

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