There are so many good books hitting the book shelves every year and there are already so many classic books which are yet to be read.

Still somewhere, some books leaves such a deep impact and impression on our mind that we cherish those books and want to re-read them whenever times permits. 

In fact, one of the to do things on my bucket list is to reread those books which I read as a child or teenager. Just to analyse, to know, if they still leaves me devastated, disturbed and hungry for more like earlier. 

I have shortlisted five books for the time being which I want to read again.

Let’s start in chronological order as I get those book.

1 Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

If I remember correctly then Little Women was the first novel I had read. I was in class V then. It has been long time now. I don’t remember much about the story or characters.

Why I still remember it because of the feelings. It was a very heartwarming story of sisters and mother. Their love and care for each other, desire to become better human beings, ready to sacrifice own happiness for the well being of other.

It is the feelings about the book I remember. Will write more in the review.

2) A Walk To Remember by NicholasSpark

a walk to remember

Read this book when I was at the threshold of teenager. What a timing to read the book. Let’s see if this book sparkle the same romantic feelings in me again. The only difference will be, I was single then and now I have a companion.

3) Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter Series In Hindi

 I read Harry Potter series when I was in college. Almost 15 years and I have read it just once. Too Bad. And I call myself Potter fan. Very Bad. High time to read it again.

4) From Sex To Super Consciousness by Osho

best books by osho

Osho’s thoughts are revolutionary and rebelling at the same time. It really takes times and openness to digest his viewpoints and reasoning. 

I have only read this book by Osho and that too after a lot of coaxing by my husband. And I can’t thank him enough for it. 

Osho has completely different but progressive take on sex and one must read this book once in their lifetime if not every year.

5) How To Be A Bawse by Lily Singh

Lilly singh book

I read this book recently. It is the best self help book I have read till date. The lessons are short, crisp and to the point. The book is written in the most hip hop and cool style with which youngsters could easily connect.

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Ritu Mantri

Ritu is an avid book reader. She also reviews books and have reviewed around 200+ books till date. Her target is to finish 1000 books.

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