For most of the toddlers Touch and Feel books are huge hits. They provide a wonderful experience and open the doors to the world of books. Well at least it happened in the case of my son. 

Touch And Feel Books 

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My son simply adores his Playbook touch and feel book by Ladybird. That’s the reason why I ordered more Touch And Feel books through Amazon India, First Words by DK was one of them. But was left a little disappointed.

Good Picture Quality

There are total 12 big pictures in the book. Each one of  them are mostly close to realty. One picture in each page. Now this is something very good as toddlers can observe and perceive one picture at a time. Too many pictures in one page are good enough to confuse their developing minds.

Yes the picture quality is excellent. My son just sees the pictures and then run around to bring the object. If he sees the shoe then he brings his sandal. Same thing with strawberry, socks, ball and teddy. This is the only reason why I kept the book otherwise it is not up to the mark.

Glaring And Annoying Shortcoming

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Now comes a major drawback of the book which actually destroys the whole purpose of buying the book. There is hardly any touch and feel experience in the book. My son didn’t notice any of them. It is many days after playing with the book that he noticed the red flower in the t-shirt of the doll. That’s it.

board book for toddler

The problem is that pictures and the textures provided doesn’t go hand in hand. They simply don’t match, are too small to notice, most of them are  just perforated or elevated circular spots and in couple of pictures there is nothing to touch. Why at all to name it a Touch and Feel book when it is a simple board book.

Good Board Quality 

The board quality is extremely good. It has a hardcover board jacket which is well bound with the rest of the board pages. This ensures the book will last for a longer period of time and is capable of rough handling. But quality of the book is not enough to compensate the inside content of the book.

The Verdict:

The price of the book is Rs 200 which is not at all worth a value. Considering the fact that much more better touch and feel books are available at the similar cost.

My reaction after reviewing the book is something like this


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