Game of Anarchy, written by an upcoming author Kenneth Jones, is a political thriller set on current political scenario of Indian subcontinent. I have read a few satires on our current Indian politics but political thriller was first of its kind.

A Recollection 

I remember when there was a terrorist attack on the Parliament of India in New Delhi on 13th December 2001 a few people in our morning walk club argued that if the attack was successful it would have cleaned out current Indian politics from many corrupted politician and their corruptions. Game of Anarchy seems to be based on this notion.


Game of Anarchy is about three friends Rita, Samar and Raghav college pass-outs. All three of them are completely disgusted with the current political situations and from the current government. Each one adopts their own ways to do something about it which results in a complete disorder in the country.

This is the plot I try to figure out after reading the novel otherwise it is very difficult to understand the head and tail of the story. It is an action packed fast paced story. In every chapter there are new characters, something is happening, new events and murders to keep the readers glued to the book. Sometimes it became difficult to relate one event with another, one chapter with another. Total anarchy.

The plot is like a free flowing waterfall with numerous characters coming and going that it became difficult to keep a count. One can easily skip some chapters here and there at will and nothing will be missed. It is only towards the end that pieces started falling in the place and whole picture becomes clear. 

But then suspense was clearly lacking. I remain glued to the book to know what is the possible threat which will bring the country down and not because who is behind all this. Names were clear from the beginning itself.

Lack Of Characterization

There is hardly any character development or characterization in the story. With so many characters it was also not possible. But at least it could be done with few main characters to build up suspense. Also it is difficult to connect with any of the characters. 

Good Use Of Facts and Real Situations

The plot draws heavily from the political scenario of Manmohan Singh government. There are scams, corruptions, misgovernance, Lokpal agitation, Delhi gang-rape incident, terrorist attacks at multiple cities, communal riots, Moaist attacks, nuclear threats,  and many more. Author seems to have left not a single ficaso of UPA government in the 10 years of rule at the center.

All this and newspaper clips, reports, TV news bulletin and debates, were also woven into the story to give it a complete real feeling to the readers.

The author has also managed to build up some real convincing scenes in the story. Like hostages taken by Maoist, Rita’s interview with Maoist leader, police interrogation, cabinet meetings etc. All these scenes were carve out real well. A lot of research and imaginations has been put into it and the fusion was good to read.

The Verdict:

The novel is written in the same style of Dan Brown or Ashwin Sangvi. The plot is tight and gripping but the tinge of suspense was really lacking. Who is behind all these mayhem if one couldn’t guess till the end would have made this novel a mindblowing one.


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