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Go Kiss The World by Subroto Bagchi  is inspiration for all young leaders, future entrepreneurs, middle and top management. He is an excellent speaker and but even more better in writing his thoughts and viewpoints on paper. Something I came to know after reading his book. There are some lines in the book which particularly I loved it

“When you embrace the uncertain, life opens up unusual new paths. Seeds sown way back bloom as flowers, in ways one can never fathom.”

“Open your mind before you open your mouth.”

“Yet, good salespeople learn that the real meaning of a NO is NOT NOW.”

“Displacement is the key to progress. Many professionals shudder at the thought of physical displacement, yet crave rapid mobility and growth in their careers.”

“Life true purpose is not to live to earn; its about haing the courage to take flight.”

“Never think of retiring. When you get older, begin to reduce your work. Work less but do not give up work.”

“Our vision is not always a function of our capability to see, it is our willingness to open up our inner eye to the limitless universe that lights up the path of our existence”

“What many of us do not comprehend is the futility of carrying the baggage of the pain into our future. In life, we cannot avoid pain, what we can do is learn from the pain and move on”

“The capacity to receive asks for humility. Humility makes the mind and empty vessel that can receive”

“All that good parents can do is inculcate in their children the sense that when they make choice, they also choose the consequence”


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