God Is A Gamer is the new book by the author Ravi Subramanian who is famous for his banking thriller. The book is expected to release by September 2014. The book is now on pre-order at Flipkart and the author claims it is going to be his thrillest book written by him till date.

Ravi Subramanian debuted with the book named If God Was a Banker. It is loosely based on his own professional life. After that more banking thriller from the author came like The Incredible Banker, The Bankster, and Bankrupter.

Gos is a Gamer is yet another banking thriller with the concept of bitcoins as the cover also suggest.

Summary of the Book

Aditya is an entrepreneur, running his own gaming company. The arrival of a part-time drug dealer and full-time genius named Varun turns Aditya’s struggling company’s fortunes around. However, things are not as they seem. A banker slips from the rooftop of a high-rise building and falls to his death. A finance minister with his heart on his sleeve discovers that he has made some promises which will cost him far too much. An explosion in Washington D.C. leads the FBI to a chase in Mumbai. The investigators begin to plummet down a world where bitcoins are the only meaningful form of currency. Here, everything is governed in the Dark Net, a group of nefarious websites dealing with illegal transactions. The only God in this world is a gamer, martyrs are villains, the hunters become the hunted and the ancient Greeks teach the secrets of assassination. In this new novel, nothing is what it seems.

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