God Won't Help by Rajiv Grover

god won't help by rajiv grover

God Won’t Help by Rajiv Grover is the simplest and crispiest self help book I have read till date. The book is sure to bust a few beliefs related to the God, but will raise a few doubts as well.

The Story in Brief

The book has been written in the fictional setup. Two men Nasir and Shiv resides in the war ridden country, Afghanistan, were completely frustrated with their lives and desperately want some divine intervention to bring them out of the mess. At such a point they meet Jim, whose discourse about God, the Universe and humans completely change their life.

Intriguing Title

The title of the book is intriguing. It will make you scratch your brains. We are brought up with the belief that the god helps, if your pray from all your heart. The book actually challenges this notion on which multi billion dollar godmen industry runs.

Discourse about The God and the Universe

According to Jim, God will not come to help you how much and how many times you pray in front of him. So pull up your socks and start helping yourself. It is the rules of the Universe and the laws of karma which decides whether you will receive help or not. So stop hoping against the hope that God will help you and start getting your karma right.

Many questions arise due to this discourse all of which finds logical answers. Mind you the author doesn’t deny the existence of the God. He believes in the theory of souls, the afterlife, before life, hell and heaven, that people have to pay for their misdeeds and will be rewarded accordingly only the time is not known.

Whatever theories you have heard related to the God and karma he agrees with all of them. The only thing which he denies is that, which I am sure not a single godmen would like, the God won’t come to help you. The author gives logical arguments and you will end up being convinced. Though it is heartbreaking.

Sometimes the author through Jim explains things through stories. Those stories were exceptional and unique one. I have never heard them before and conveys the message convincingly.

Some Questions

But there are few things which didn’t find the place in the conversation between Jim, Nasir and Shiv. Like the law of attraction : The author didn’t explain how it works with the law of karma which we read in The Secrets by Rhonda Byrne. Blessings of parents and elders is powerful and they never go empty. This is what we hear right from our childhood. But Jim or rather the author did not talk anything about it.

Another question which comes to my mind is that if God won’t help, then God will also never come as an Avatar. The author’s theory doesn’t explain the concept of Avatar.

A Crisp Read

The book has been written in simple and crisp language without any frills or buildups. The author was straight to the point and bang on target. It is a thin book which shows that you don’t need tons and tons of pages to convey the life changing lessons.

The Verdict

I love the book maybe because my thought process is also in the same line. The book gave me more clarity. If you want to read a spiritual book but refrain from doing so because you cannot connect with the teachings, then God Won’t Help is the one for you. The book has a clear message. If your life is a mess, then going to god, offering prayers, bribes, hosting hawans and pujas etc and hoping your problems will take a back seat. This will not happen. Just pray to God to give you strength to endure the hard times and get your karma correct.
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