green poems by gulzar buyPoet-lyricist Gulzar Saab does not need any introduction nor his poems. They can out-stand themselves in the crowd. Similar thinking is very true for his newly launched new book “Green Poems”.  As the name suggest, the poems will be close to nature. In each and every poems you will find description about rivers, forests, mountains, snow, rain, clouds, the sky, the earth and space, a familiar tree, a disused well, glimpses of nature in places like Kullu, Manali, Chamba, Thimphu.

green poem by gulzar buy

What better day then the World’s Environment Day to launch the book. The book has been launched at Patna Literature Festival on 5th June which is widely celebrated as an environment day.

gulzar poems in hindi

 The poems are originally written in Urdu which are translated into English Pawan Verma. The book as  both the original and translated version side by side as seen in the photo above. I sure after reading the books anyone can find themselves in the embrace of nature. The book is available at all leading stores like Flipkart and Amazon India.

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