Happiness Is... (English) Author: Ralph Lazar

I have always been a big admirer of the Happy Page on Facebook by Ralph Lazar and  Lisa Swerling. Each illustration are so simple and clean but they give a big reason to smile. It encourages us to search happiness in small things which we often overlook. Now these stunning post on Facebook has taken the shape of a book which will be releasing very soon. The book is all about smiles so it is also named accordingly; Happiness Is…

It is an adorable gift book illustrates 500 things to be happy about. Happiness is . . . an unexpected bouquet, cheese, fixing something, a good high-five, and so much more! The charming, make-you-smile illustrations hit just the right note—not too sappy, not too sweet—and remind us that there are dozens of things to be happy about every day. A universally appealing gift for birthdays, graduation, holidays, or a little pick-me-up, this cheerful collection is sure to be a hit year after year! 

His previous illustration book with his wife Lisa was Me Without You was a perfect Valentine Gift. It was a impeccable way to express to your loved ones how the life would have been without you.

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Ritu Mantri

Ritu is an avid book reader. She also reviews books and have reviewed around 200+ books till date. Her target is to finish 1000 books.