Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck, Book 8 by Jeff Kinney

My 12 year old niece goes gaga about Diary of a Wimpy Kid and she was waiting impatiently for 11th November, 2013 to come as the book was releasing in India on the given date. Though in US and some other countries Hard Luck, the 8th book in the series of a Diary of Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney has released on 6th November, 2013.

We ordered the novel for her on Flipkart.com. It is because of this I got a chance to read this kid book and now even I have joined the group of my niece.

The book doesn’t disappoint at all. It has lived up to its reputation to keep tickling your funny bone. There was smile on my face all the time while reading the book.

As kids, we all must have went through one or other thing which Greg Heffley is experiencing. Like burning your hand by touching hot iron in spite of warning not to do so, unable to share your best friend, mothers giving their best advice but sadly underestimated by kids, fear of stray dogs and many other.

Jeff Kinney has done an excellent job with the book. He has step into the shoes of the little ones and understands kids very well.

While reading it really gives the feeling of reading a kid’s private journal for once not feeling guilty of doing so. There is improvement in the handwriting with each book. Seems like Greg is growing up with each book.

Cartoons in the book themselves tells the story. It is good to accompany them. As it helps kids to visualize the situation.

There are many moments in the book which I enjoyed a lot. Like, Greg earning cash by drawing and one of the funny cartoon related to it was too good. Sweetie farting on Greg’s father when he tried raspberry trick on the former. The Uncle Cecil’s information was also very funny. The trick with which Greg’s dad pulls off his loose tooth has really make me laugh loud and many other which will make you laugh as well.

Verdict: The Diary of Wimpy Kid series is ideal for the kids in every way but even adults could read it recall how close the book is to their own experience as kids.

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