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I was a college student when I started reading Harry Potter series. It has been 9 years since I have read the last part of Harry Potter series. Now I’m mother of a one year old boy and I thought I’m over with Harry Potter.

When the news came of 8th book in Harry Potter series I was like not interested any more but I thought of buying it for my nephew who is hard-core Harry Potter fan and gift her. 

On the schedule date that is 31st July 2016 the book has been delivered at my door step by Amazon India and now I’m busy reading it.

Funny but this is life. Once I started reading it was difficult to put it down. I was nostalgic. So I decided to read it at night. Since it is only 350 pages book and that to written in play act style one could finish off the book in no time.

Yes you read it write it is simply the script for the Play at the theaters not a novel. But got published as the 8th part of the series. So there is no heavy description, build up, extended explanations and discussion or any illustriously high drama which we get to read in the previous books. Everything is short, simple and quick. 

Be it play or a proper novel every Harry Potter fan will simply love it. It was like meeting our childhood heroes and what they have become after 19 years and how their lives have move on after defeating Voldemort.

I seriously feel Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has satisfied many fans “if and then” imaginations. What if Harry Potter died in the Hogwarts War then what would be world like under Voldemort’s dictatorship.  

JK Rowling once said pairing Ron and Hermione was a mistake. So what if Ron and Hermione never fallen in love then what would have happened.

Many felt very bad when Cedric Diggory was killed. What if he comes back then how would be wizarding world.

The list can go on and on. The book is based on all these if and then.

From time to time the script takes you to the events from the old book but also glimpse into the life of our now ‘older characters. There is time traveling where Harry’s son Albus and Draco’s son Scorpius tries to change past events which completely changes the future to their horror as well as readers.

So basically the 8th book does not carry forward the Harry Potter series but simply revisits the old events and what happens when past events are disturbed. Despite it, the story lines seems to be fresh and engrossing as the perspective have changed. 

Then there is suspense about Voldemort has a child who could bring back Voldemort once again in the world. Wow that was quite a suspense. I think one whole book could be written on this topic. When and How on Earth Voldemort did the act to produce a child. Well the writers don’t dwell much on it and quickly moves on without intensive details. 

Friendship and love were two most important pillars of previous books and the essence continues in the 8th book as well. There is strong friendship bonding between Albus and Scorpius just like Harry, Ron and Herimone. Also the book portrays difficult relation between father and son.

What I didn’t understand as to who was the cursed child and why it was so called.

The Verdict: There are few loopholes in the plot, no room for character development, no real description, since it is not exactly written by JKR so that magic is missing. Despite of all these still it is a must read for all the potterfans. 

The book has picked up some very crucial events from the previous books like time turner from Prisoner of Azkaban, Triwizard Tournament from the Goblet of Fire, Godric Hollow and woven an interesting plot with young characters to infuse a fresh life into the old story.

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