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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The Illustrated Edition is all set ready to hit the book shelf in couple of months from today. The illustrated version of the book 2 is expected to release by 4th Oct in US and 15th Oct 2016 in India.

Harry Potter illustrated version is a great way to introduce the series to young and nascent readers. It will be a treat to read the Harry Potter story with the superb illustrations as I think movies were not adapted very well and doesn’t match to our imagination.

The first illustrated version had fantabulous illustrations which was so awe inspiring and enthralling. The illustration perfectly carved the situations and like it is said a picture speaks thousands words, the illustrations in the book were telling the story themselves.

I sit with my little one with the first illustrated book we spend hours discussing and admiring pictures of the book. It is so much fun in this way. I’m sure many mother who have read Harry PotterĀ seriesĀ during their college times does the same with kids now. It is double treat for us as mothers. Get to read Harry Potter once again and relishing the fact that our kids also enjoy the series in the same way as we did.

The cover of The Chamber of Secrets illustrated version shows the flying car escaping Harry from his Uncle’s house with Ron sitting at the back with Harry and one of the twin driving or rather flying the car. I think it was one of the most highlighted moment of the book. It certainly deserves to be on the front cover.

I am super duper excited about the book. And waiting for it to release.


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