Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton


I was some what surprised  when I started reading Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton. It is a non fiction book written in a fiction novel style. At least its beginning was something like that itself. The books tells everything about how Twitter came to live and all the politics running behind the Twitter coming when millions of people where happy tweeting about anything and everything.

In the book Nick Bilton tells about the early life of Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone all who went on to co-found the million dollar company Twitter Inc which also became famous as sms of the internet. It was a small idea of Jack which was expanded further to become a giant company.

The story of Twitter is like those politicians who always manipulate things to remain on the hot seat or to usurp it.  All the four co-founders were in lieu to control power and money and for the right to be recognised as having started it. Ev and Jack ploted to oust Noah. Later Ev forces Jack out of the company who went own to eatablish a mobile money payment company called square. Later Jack with the help of investors force Evan out of the company.  Jack makes a triumphant return. He became the chairman and Dick Costolo took over as CEO. How all this happen consist the story of Hatching Twitter.

Verdict: Twitter story is so strange. It was build so that strangers could communicate instantly but the co founder of the Twitter who were friends forgot to communicate and became complete strangers. Twitter is hatched and it is good to read.

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Ritu Mantri

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