house of hades flipkartThe House of Hades by Rick Riordan is the first book I read in my brand new Google Nexus 7. I bought it from in its Diwali Dhamaka offer at Rs 8,999 only. It was too tempting offer to resist. Anyways coming back to the The House of Hades.

The House of Hades is the fourth book in the Heroes of Olympus series in which a bunch of seven demigods are on the mission to close the Doors of Death which was providing an easy short cut to the monsters into the mortal world thus letting the whole world at the risk of total devastation.

House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus) buyThere isn’t a single dull moment into the book. One peaceful moment is the clear indication of some trouble in the offing. Impossible challenges for survival comes in front of our heroes in form of Titans, giants, monsters, spirits, vampires, ghost and many other.

Each life threatening beasts brings a fresh punch of adrenaline into the book. In fact I have to keep reminding myself to breath as there are breath stopping moments into the story where we are left to wonder how our heroes will escape these ghastly enemies this time.

Some of the encounters like Hazel and Jason tricking the sea robber Sciron, Percy and Annabeth fight with Vampires, Frank proving his mettle against deathly cow monsters, how Piper saves her friends from Khione were written very well. I have simply loved the book for the way it raises the tension and demigods gives a gallant fight to emerge victorious.

The book has written from the point of view of all the seven demigods. This gives us better understanding of all the characters and their state of mind. There is a hint of mistrust among all the demigods for each other but still they go hand in hand for more bigger cause.

The book House of Hades ends with Percy and group shutting the Door of Death. Still there is a long journey to go. For which we have to wait for the next book The Blood of Olympus.

Verdict: Out and Out adventurous and thriller. A must read.

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