How An iPhone Made Me the Youngest Billionaire by K. Saraff Review

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We all do wishful thinking that our life takes a certain shape. But seldom life is according to our dreams. That why people write books, paints pictures and makes movies where the lever for direction is in their hand. The author K. Saraff has given his wishful dreams and desire a form of a book titled How An iPhone Made Me the Youngest Billionaire.

Marriage of Reality with Imagination

These days more and more writers are penning contemporary fiction where they incorporate facts, experiences, real issues and incidences in their fictional story. The best which I have read recently is The Last Wave by Pankaj Sekhsaria where the author has skillfully blended his findings and facts about the burning issues of Andaman and Nicobar island in a fictitious setup.

Title of the Book

The title of this book is very tricky How An iPhone Made Me the Youngest Billionaire. I thought it was about iPhone and making money from it. But there is nothing as such. The book is not about making some easy money but having a right attitude for making money.


The story is loosely based on the life of the author. His journey as an entrepreneur. The protagonist tries his hands in many ventures, but he fails due to lack of funds to advertise about his products. But ultimately his perseverance and persistence pays off and things start to fall in place. Now you have to read the book in order to know where the iPhone fits into the scenario. Why should I tell you.

Average Writing

The author is a first time writer. As a result, that dexterity was missing to effortlessly blend facts with imaginations. Both seem to be imposed on one another. Sometimes the author was convincing other time he was not.

A Good Strategy

After reading the book, I felt the author has a purpose to write this book. He wishes to promote his startup. He has built an app which has links of various popular websites in different categories named No More Tension or NMT. It makes surfing easier for people who find it difficult to type on their mobile keyboard and gives a hassle free experience. So any daredevil who refuses to follow the established path and has ventured on the rocky path of Startup will relate to the author’s experience.

Startup Mantra

A Startup mantra by the author, “Start discussing ideas and not the people”. But seldom, I have noticed, Start Up guys discuss their ideas for the fear of getting it stolen. But discussing ideas help to figure out the glitches in your plan and to iron them out.


Another thing which is relatable were the jabs of taunts by relative and so called near and dear ones who are constantly in lookout for soft targets whom they can tag as failures and losers. Our society is full of such people.

Writing Trends

A trend is fast catching up among our writers, thanks to the author Savi Sharma, to include a lot of inspiring quotes into the novel which makes even an average novel worth a read. Something which K. Saraff has also done. The book has the collection of inspiring quotes from eminent people throughout the story and many intriguing and motivating stories. Really those stories caught my attention and I loved them.

The Verdict

Though the book did not provide any enhanced reading experience, but with all the quotes and the positive attitude of the protagonist, the book is inspiring and encouraging.

Also Mr. Prime Minister should consider the protagonist’s suggestion of including blood group in their Aadhar Card along with the option of emergency donor.

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