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Has there not been so much buzz about the movie If I Stay, I’d have never known or may be after few more years about the book If I Stay by Gayle Forman.  The movie has already released on 22nd Aug, 2014 but I wished to read the book before watching the movie. And If I Stay is stunningly beautiful novel to read.

The book has been written beautifully and effortlessly. It will make you laugh but will also surge the pang of loss of loved ones. It is funny in many ways yet it is heartbreaking as well. These mixed bittersweet emotions makes the book un-putdownable.  Gayle Forman managed to create this lyrical tone in the book that made the story dance through the reader’s mind and implant itself in their heart. The words flowed off the page, just like they were notes coming off a cello.

What really impresses me was the angle in which the book has been written. It could be a regular young teen book but written in completely different manner. The story has been told by the soul of a 17 years old Mia whose whole family has met with a fatal accident. She has lost her parents and a kid brother. Her life is also swinging between life and death.  Her soul is hanging around unable to decide whether to stay or depart.

The story keep swirling from past to present. I loved the way in which the past was inter-weaved with the present. We get glimpses of Mia’s life before accident. She has a close bonding with her parents and brother. Has a best friend Kim and a loving and rock star boy friend Adam. Mia is a promising cello player and passionate musician. She has a perfect life but everything is shattered in the accident. And now her soul is at crossroad, whether she should join her family or stay back and live a life without them.

Apart from the well written book, characterization was done brilliantly. All the characters were adorable but above all were very real and relatable. One can easily relate to all the characters of the story and funny situations as well. It is difficult to not fall in love with the book and its characters.

The book is mostly in the flashback. There is not much in the present. Mia’s struggle to hold on her life, her soul in the state of limbo watch the grief and sadness of the people who visit her in hospital, mainly her grandparents, her friend Kim and Adam, Adam creating a ruckus to have one glimpse of her girlfriend. But past and present are effortlessly blend and we as readers keep flowing with it.

The Verdict:

If I Stay is a very thin book with only 200 or so pages but it is packed with profound emotions. Plus there is a freshness in the story telling manner which will leave a deep impact on the reader’s mind. Highly recommended.

Thank God there is a sequel. 

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