Images by Shanth Sam D’cruz  tells the story of Jonah and three women in his life. These women are his mother Helen, a girl friend Vaiga and a four year old girl Jannat with whom he develops a very affectionate relationship. The tragedy of his life which becomes his biggest regret that he never managed to protect any of the women who matters him the most.

The story line sounds different and interesting. But the poor execution of this decent storyline actually destroyed the entire reading experience. I felt disappointed the way this whole story turned out. The way Jonah tried to prevail justice for all the three women was so messy and confusing to read. I failed to understand what he was doing.

More than half of the book covers the romantic exploits of the Jonah. It just keeps on going. I just keep on waiting when the real turn or twist will come into the story. Lovey- dovey episodes in the story stretched beyond the need and didn’t exactly charm me in any way.

My hope soared when the much awaited turn in the story came but again it falls flat. I don’t know what was going through the author’s mind when revenge feelings obsessed Jonah. It didn’t make any sense to me.

There was no build up of suspense or th quest for the final twist which came right before climax. It just came and went. I was not waiting for it nor was Jonah, but when it came it didn’t leave any impact on me. This may be because the author didn’t invest much in his characters. I absolutely feel nothing for any of them.

Characters were well defined, but static who refuse to grow especially Jonah.  Among all the characters, Vaiga was tolerable and to some extent you would connect with her. Some of the best dialogues came from her mouth.

Also the set up of the novel was vague. I don’t know which city of India the characters lived, time period. The author completely ignored these vital information which gives a realistic touch to the novels and better helps in imagining and visualizing.

The Verdict

Overall the book was a complete disappointment.

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