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India got its first taste of Railway mode of transport in 1853 when train was inaugurated from Bombay to Thane. Since then railway has seen and been a part of many phenomenal events in India like freedom struggle, India Independence etc  and was a indispensable force of morderization and unity in India apart from being the most crucial mode of transport in India. Seema Sharma through the book India Junction : A Window To The Nation enables us to relive again many such crucial history associated with Indian Railway.

India Junction is the collection of essays written by eminent writer and personalities. There are essays like  ‘The Great Indian Railways’ which takes us to 1853, the year train travel began in India and analyses how it strengthened British rule.

Then there is ‘Railway Filmy Chakkar’ recounts how Mahatma Gandhi, who was first opposed to the Railways, went on to effectively use it in the freedom struggle.

‘When the Train Came to Deyra Dhoon’ remembers the furore caused by an engine chugging into a sleepy little town for the first time.

‘On Board the Bombay Express’ recreates the tangy, savoury smells that are released into the carriage and the keen appetites that they awaken when women crack open the tiffin boxes which they have brought from home.

‘Space–Time Convergence and the Urbanization of India exhibits railways contribution in industrial revolution and urbanisaton.

The contribution comes from authors like
• Sir Mark Tully
• Ruskin Bond
• Gillian Wright
• Ian J. Kerr
• Jerry Pinto
• Omair Ahmad
• Kartik Iyengar
• Shoba Narayan
• Sandipan Deb
• Sharmila Kantha

The book also has some very rare photos features and celebrates the changes of Indian Railways through the course of years. I think without photos such books are incomplete.


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