Indian Mammals : A Field Guide buyI am yet to get my hands on Indian Mammals : A Field Guide by Vivek Menon. But I have already read and heard lot of raving reviews about the book. Vivek Menon is an Advisor and Director for IFAW and founder of the Wildlife Trust of India. Vivek is a conservation biologist and has devoted his life studying wildlife. He has pioneered the systematic development of wildlife rehabilitation and health monitoring as conservation tools within India.

His recently released book Indian Mammals : A Field Guide could be delight for any wildlife enthusiastic and lover. His book is an encyclopedia on wildlife mammals. There is a massive compilation of more then 100 wildlife mammals found in India which includes tigers, elephants, rhinos and whales to primates, rodents, bats etc.

Vivek has poured his years of first-hand experience with wildlife into the book. It has in-depth information about the features, biometrics, behaviour, social strategies, habitat and distribution of various animals. USP of the book is the photographs. Vivek is himself a professional wildlife photographs. All the photos are colored, crisp and superbly detailed.

This book is a must have when you are going to a wildlife excursion. It will definitely help inn creating a better understanding for the animals you are face to face.

The review of the book coming soon.

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Ritu Mantri

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