Inkredia: Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajan

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When I lay my hands on the fantasy thriller book Inkredia by Sarang Mahajan, I didn’t have the slightest clue that I am about to embark on a thrilling roller coaster ride. I read the book with a bated breath. If you are an ardent Harry Potter fan then read on because this book will interest you.

Story in Brief

The story is about 17 years old boy Luwan who lives in Brida, a small and forgotten village in the vast country of Inkredia. For some unknown reason a few people want him dead and send after him three deadliest assassins. Luwan has narrow escapes, but they follow him relentlessly. Luwan decided to fight back with the help of her sister Meg and a stranger Kiliarn.

What will be the outcome of this decision? Will it prove to be a rash decision since Luwan was of no match to those three professional and deadly killers. And Yes! You can guess it right, I was not able sleep without knowing what was about to happen. Most of the times I was so engrossed in reading that I have to remind myself to breathe.

Great Writing Style

The novel has a solid storyline. It is well thought out and precisely crafted. The storytelling style of the author is stupendous and vivid. You can actually create each and every scene in your mind. It is like watching a movie. Such is the lucidity of the novel.


Characterization of the novel is superb. You will find human, non-human and supernatural characters. Each and every character is distinctly featured and described. As a consequence, it was easy to keep track of all characters. The number of characters is huge, but not overflowing and out of place, which mostly happens in the novels of this genre. Each character has a definite role to play and doesn’t linger around unnecessary.

Luwan was no superhero with no hidden superpowers. He was an ordinary village boy with limited physical strength. But he has sharp instincts which guides him. He was courageous and special in some way. In other
words he is an adorable character and your heart will go for him, seeing him deep in trouble.

Playing Mind Games

I loved the way the author drops the seeds of doubt in the mind of Luwan as he was always suspicious about people around him. It is so obvious in the kind of situation he was. It always added tension and mystery to the scenes.

Sheer Narrative Pace

Anyone who loves their novel to be fast paced they will simple adore it. The first half of the novel goes at a breakneck speed. So much is happening. It becomes difficult to tear away from the book. Even if you put it down reluctantly the curiosity will haunt you to pick it up again. It slows down a little in the middle only to pick up again.

The Verdict

So all the Harry Potter fans, The Lord Of Ring fans out there, Inkredia is a must read fantasy novel which will keep you glued till the end. I have enjoyed every minute of it. It is the next series you must pick up if you are looking for something similar to Harry Potter series.

Don’t Miss It.

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