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confession of turophile
Reason To Be Lonely
If you ever in the crowd

And feel tumbling down some obsolete rabbit hole
Where you are alone in a lonely loony world,
Just look at the moon and the sun
Amongst the million stars,
They shine the brightest and they burn
Mind them not for their universe is empty
They live for the earth, longer than the stars
So the earth and you are never lonely

I was blown away by the deep thought  behind  the poem.When contacted the author to know more about her, she was more than happy to answer our question and to tell more about her newly released poetry book Confession of Turophile.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a person who loves her life and I have ventured into different forays. I am a lawyer turned writer, and a writer for life. I left my job to pursue and focus on my writing and then took a break to travel and write scripts, do some freelancing meanwhile to sustain myself and just read.

I have read approximately 2k books and I have partied my heart out too. I live in extremes. I am a nerd at heart who also loves to hang out with the crowd who hates books. Somewhere what I write is to engage such audience.

author shalini singh

What is your newly released poetry book Confessions of a Turophile all about?

Let me tell you what it’s not about. It’s not just poems. It’s not about love, life or just the glory of life, or cheese or food or just sole confessions. Confessions of a Turophile cannot be explained but only read, felt and deciphered.

Each poetry starts with the name of a type of cheese and the subtitle is the connection between the title and the poetry. Basically, there is a connection, a flow of thoughts which is tied together in meaningful illustrations and pictures of me and by me plus how the poetry advances even though each poetry, each page is individually different, where the whole aura of the text is confessing to the reader. 

Turophile means lover of cheese. Why did you choose this term in your poetry’s title and what does it tells about you?

There is a six page long monologue before the poems start. And the chapter name is “Cheddar- what inspires me” , “Cheese monger- because”, “Cheese Till I  die- experimentation”. These explain where my inspiration comes from, why I write poetry, how I wrote what I wrote and why respectively. 
The poetry starts with the first poem called the curious case of a turophile. 
Frankly, 99% people don’t know what’s a turophile, which hurts my SEO but I think through my book, these 99% will be able to add to their vocabulary, a really cool word. I am in love with this word and my book, even though it doesn’t talk about food or cheese, it has referential value and soul throughout the book. 

You seems to be a self confessed cheese lover. What are the different varieties of cheese you have tried till date and which one is your favourite?

Check out the blog post written by me, on where and which type of cheese I ate. I like most of the cheese types. Even the smelliest ones. The ugliest ones. I have tasted over 80 varieties and there’s over 3000 variations which makes me crave for more.

Best blue 
I am not a fan 
Of lukewarm connections 
Of platonic people 
Of local experiences 
Of anything which isn’t total 
I participate in all those surveys just to win free trials 
I participated in you 
Not necessarily to win you 
But then who’s to say 
I don’t win every day 
But somehow, I won you 
But can’t figure out if this is a trial 
Or a game
Extracted from Confession of Turophile


When did you realize prose is your calling and how was the journey so far?

I write proses more. I have written quite a bit of prose and my Publisher pointed out that my prose is more exciting than my Poetry which is a motivation that am going in the right direction.

What is your source of inspiration for writing poems?

My eventful life and the consequential non events make up for my inspiration. I tell stories, emotions, conversations. I have met a lot of people, known a lot of lovely people, stayed in solitude as much and traveled, read a lot. Everything is inspiring and inspiration is cumulative.

Who are your favourite prose writer?

Viktor Frankl, Sidney Sheldon, JK Rowling, Toni Morrison, Proust from the hundred others.

prose poetry

 Describe your style?

Dark, insightful, impactful

Where and when do you write?

Anytime, anywhere works for me. But I write on my mobile since an year or so.

What are the future plans? Any plans to write a novel?

I will keep on writing. I am working on some ideas. But they are on hold due to lack of time as am busy with some preparations. I want to write something which hasn’t been written yet.

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