Invoked (Hymns of War) by Karan Bhatia

invoked by karan bhatia

Doubtfulness about the book

I’m not so fond of reading fantasy horror novels as in the name of horror what we get to read are brutal murders, unnecessary violence and illogical explanations. So when I choose to read Invoked (Hymns of War) by Karan Bhatia I was septic about what is store in the book for me as a reader.

One of my book buddy used to say that an excellent and well written book can spur your interest even in the least favorite genre. I think this really fits for the book Invoked (Hymns of War). Once I started reading it was difficult to tear myself away from it and at least first half of the book I read it with bated breath.

Karan Bhatia


I really don’t want to reveal much about the story line of the book as it is best to get surprised while reading it yourself.

The story is about Krishna and his family who shatters completely after his father’s death and mother’s mental illness. A witch is after the lives of the family members. It is up to Krishna to save his home and family from this evil. But sadly he is not able to do so.

This, in just few words is the crux of the story. But there is much more in the story then it appears. Like me, you will discover it slowly and gradually as the story progresses.


invoked by karan bhatia

Perfect balance of Horror and Surprises

The first half of the book was scary and creepy. There was a ghostly presence in the story which used to pop up occasionally to give a spine-chilling feeling. In fact my heart is still racing while writing the review of the book.

But nothing over the board. The author has included ghostly elements very smartly into the story line.

The element of horror were inserted into the story slowly which appeared more as jack in the box. There is completely normal phase in the book, characters are doing their daily chores, everything seems to be in place and then suddenly something happens which will take you completely off the guard. Well this happened with me throughout the first half of the book.

The second half of the book is more about giving answers and logical explanations to why Krishna and his family becomes the target and preparing the base for the second book in the series.

It was also about the inner turmoil of Krishna to test his resolve as he fights with his inner ghost.

Now don’t expect me to write anything more about the second half of the book.



Lucid and vivid description is the major plus point of the author’s writing which not only gave the required horror effect to the plot but also enhances the reading experience. Dreams of Krishna and his wife, illusion and mirage created during night time with the trees were impeccably scary to read.

In fact the author has managed to give a frightening feeling during the day scenes as well. But there was a balance which really gave a reality touch to the story.



Horror stories are mostly racy to make your heart flip. In the first half, Karan has maintained a decent pace. Enough to increase the heart beat but also provided breathing space as well.

The second half was slow as it was needed to let all the information sink in. But I read the second half of the book with wide eyes as it is here the real story surfaces and consolidates which is so necessary for the upcoming books in the series.


Writing Style

Karan Bhatia’s writing style is commendable. In simple language with the right combination of words he has created a fearing and tensed environment which is both realistic and imaginable. It is well plotted book which will keep you hooked till the end.

Then there are death of few characters which author wrote in the most heart breaking manner. I can’t help myself but cry. I thought Krishna will save them. But as I say earlier there is more in the story then it appear.

The Verdict:

If the book captivates a seasoned reader like me who avoid reading horror genre then it is a must read book.

Invoked (Hymns of War) by Karan Bhatia is highly recommended for the horror genre lover and otherwise as well.

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