jelly belly by Aparna Santhanam

Jelly Belly by Dr Aparna Santhanam came to my notice when it was recommended by Anjali and Sachin Tendulkar. But sometimes title, jacket, blurb and celebrities recommendation could be so misleading. Jelly Belly is the perfect example of it.

Seeking To Burn Fat

When a women is at the epitome of her determination she could budge anything but this belly fat refuse to budge how much anyone try. Well this was my situation when I picked up Jelly Belly after my pregnancy hoping that it will give some handy tips which will help me to finally burn some belly fat.

Where is the Information

But what the hell is this. The book name is Jelly Belly and it is just a part of the book. There is just one chapter on Belly fat. That’s it. What was the author Dr. Aparna thinking before titling this book.

Even this single chapter doesn’t give any apt information or tips which could come handy in reducing belly fat. Instead details and more details were given about what is jelly belly fat, how it is formed and how it is store but no substantial information about how to burn that fat. Information which you will forget the moment you turn the page.

Obsession with Test

Dr Aparna wrote the book with a typical doctor mindset. Writing more and more about tests which one should go through in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s. Just like any other doctor who first ask to do test from their preferred diagnostic center and everything comes later.

Problems Problems Problems

She wrote about all the possible problems which women faces at various stages of life like fluctuating hormones, loss of energy, nagging headaches, hot flushes, depression, greying hair, sagging skin, control urinary incontinence and many other things.

No Real Solutions

Full Stop. Just Problems. No Solutions. Or the solutions which we are already aware of. Averaged informed women will also know about these problem and facing them. But what we look for is that one link which is keeping us away from the desired results. That’s why we seek expert advice.

This book will be worth reading for the students of Home Science, Nutritionist, Dietitians and likewise. Not for readers like me who are seeking some real tips to practically apply for some results.

The Verdict: 

This book is a waste of money if bought, waste of time if read. Readers will only get problems and no expert advice.



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