books by lauren weisbergerLauren Weisberger became a well known author from her very first book The Devils Wears Prada. The book was based on her real life experience. She was the assistant of Anne Wintour of the popular magazine The Vogue for a year. She claims to have a very hard time at the magazine which all got poured into the book The Devils Wear Prada.

Quick Facts
Date of Birth-March 28, 1977
Birth Place- Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
Education- Cornell University, Parkland High School
Spouse-Mike Cohen(Novelist and Playwriter)
Children- 2(a girl and and a boy)

lauren weisberger books
Devils Wears Prada– She joined Anna Wintour in around 2000. In spite of her hectic and packed sulking days at The Vogue, Lauren used to write something which saw the light of the day in 2003 in the form of The Devils Wears Prada. She worked at The Vogue for only 10 months.

After leaving The Vogue, Lauren worked at for Departures Magazine, an American Express publication but continue to work on her book. TheDevils Wear Prada was an instant hit.The book went on to sell 1.2 million copies was converted into more than 20 languages and was also successfully adapted in to the movie who grossed total worldwide sales of $322 million. The Devil Wears Prada also spent six months on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Everyone Worth Knowing– Everyone Worth Knowing is the second books of Lauren Weisberger which was not as successful. In fact the book received a lot of negative review and Everyone Worth Knowing was not even a worth reading. It was published in 2005.

Chasing Harry Winston– Chasing Harry Winston was published in 2008. This book was also no better than its last book.

Last Night at Chateau Marmont– Last Night at Chateau Marmont got released in 2010 was a decent book as compared to the previous last two novels and did provide some relief to the author though this one was also did not match to her debut novel.

Revenge Wears Prada– In lieu to get the same success as her debut novel, Lauren came back with the sequel of The Devil Wears Prada. This time devil was in mood of revenge. The book was called Revenge Wears Prada. The book got a mixed reviews.

One thing I find common in all the covers of her book were the stilettos. I am yet to find the reason behind it. If you have some logic for it then do share with us.

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