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Little Failure: A memoir  by Gary Shteyngart is a collection of author’s memories from childhood days as a asthmatic toddler in Red Square to 40-something New Yorker who is a famous writer. It is a sort of Gary’s autobiography but written in a complete different style.  The memoir is full of humor with a tinge a sadness something for which Gary Shhteyngart writing is famous for.

little failure1Gary has very loving but strange parents. His clumsy attitude and below average ability to do things earns him nick name Little Failure or Failurchka from his parents. He did everything to prove them right. From health problems to lower level job his life was mess. Even his writing skills didn’t help him to improve his image. But Gary knew it well that writing is his calling.

The first half of the book is about his growing days as a child. This part of the book is very hilarious and funny. Gary will keep tickling your funny bones with his funny memories. During this time when he was around 7 years old his family shifted to USA from Russia.

shteyngart little failureThe latter part is about his high school and college days  He was most low in confidence in those days and spend time drinking and doping, and bingeing. Shteyngart took the theory for a granted that he would fail at everything he tried. But finally he find his solace in the world of words and something in which he is actually good and “Little Successful”as well.

In little failure, Gary takes us journey of his life right as a toddler to adolescent, to college, job and beyond. And it is just not journey of words but Gary has also included many photographs which gives a first hand experience of life days. I must, Gary has used his snaps in the most creative way something which we all can do for our dear ones or ourselves as well. Each snap was telling a story of its own.

The Little Failure will release on February 27, 2014 though the book is available in Kindle.

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